Kaseya Delivers New Imaging and Deployment Module
[Jul 27th, 2011]

Kaseya®, the leading global provider of automated IT systems management software, today delivers the new, Kaseya Imaging and Deployment module that enables IT organizations to streamline operating systems deployment across large groups of computers.  The Kaseya Imaging and Deployment module delivers a robust, integrated and automated solution for service providers and enterprise IT departments who regularly perform operating systems upgrades (such as a migration to Windows 7) or require the ability to remote wipe and return a large number of computers back to a known state.

The Imaging & Deployment module includes high performance multicast support that allows administrators to deploy a single image of several gigabytes in size across the network to multiple machines at the same time.  Multicasting alleviates concerns about dragging down network bandwidth performance during large, distributed deployments.

Managing and deploying a set requirement of images has become a central part of most school districts and higher education IT organization’s machine management strategy,” said Gerald Beaulieu, director of product marketing, Kaseya. “Kaseya Imaging and Deployment module enables computer lab environments to refresh their computers back to a known state for consistent daily use.”

Computers in shared environments, including banks, college computer labs, healthcare offices, and libraries often require daily cleaning or re-imaging in order to start each day in a known state. To have these computers ready every morning would require a significant amount of time if an IT technician had to run this process manually at the start of each day. Without an automated solution to handle operating system upgrades and new installs, IT technicians must physically touch each machine and interact with installation process. This investment of time and cost is no longer justifiable.

With Kaseya Imaging and Deployment, a technician can schedule the re-imaging to happen in such a way that the machines are powered up in the middle of the night using Intel vPro or Wake on LAN technology, then a “golden” image is pushed to all the computers. Once the reimaging is complete, the computers can be refreshed to a specific user state with Kaseya Desktop Migration, audited for inventory and powered off to save on energy costs.

•    Streamline the deployment of operating systems to bare metal machines by simply plugging them in the network.
•    Manage computer lab environments with scheduled machine refreshes to return the lab machines to known state daily
•    Spend less wasted time troubleshooting single machine configuration problems or virus outbreaks by just re-imaging the machines back to a known state.

Pricing and Availability
Kaseya Imaging and Deployment is available today and will be sold as an add-on module for perpetual or subscription licensing on-a-per-seat basis.

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