Kaseya Automates Third Party Software Deployment Easing Burden on IT Organizations
[Oct 4th, 2011]

Kaseya®, the leading global provider of automated IT systems management software, today announced the new Kaseya Software Deployment and Update module that allows IT organizations to deploy, update, and manage common third party software by policy to remote distributed computers.  The latest module from Kaseya enables service providers and enterprise IT departments to regularly deploy and update popular desktop productivity programs such as Adobe Reader, Firefox, Flash, Java, Skype and internal software applications effortlessly from the Kaseya administrative portal.

These days updating popular third party applications is just as important as keeping your operating system software up to date.  Hackers now target common third party applications with zero-day exploits just as often as they target core Windows operating systems.  Kaseya helps IT departments and managed service providers maintain security and compliance by keeping all software on the corporate network up to date.  Before Kaseya Software Deployment, and Update module (KSDU), IT administrators would have the time consuming job of manually monitoring for software updates, creating complex installation scripts across a variety of operating systems, deploying them across a distributed network and hoping for the best.

“Keeping third party software automatically updated is simple, now with the new Kaseya Software Deployment and Update module,” said Ted Swanson, CEO of IT Solutions Consulting. “Just select the software product within the profile, check the automatic update box and you’re done. This module minimizes the impact of software installation to our clients as well as alleviates the burden of updates for our IT department.”

The KSDU module includes the ability to configure policies with pre-approval to install the latest versions of common third party applications to remedy any outstanding vulnerability, meet organizational and external compliance as well as regulatory requirements.  With the new module, there are no packages to maintain, command switches, versions to find, or files to track as Kaseya maintains all of these requirements automatically within the software catalog.  The catalog provides a categorized list of supported software along with the software title, version and language.  For added flexibility, the new module also offers custom Windows-based software installers for line of business applications, custom applications or other software that can be added to the software catalog.

“The new Kaseya Software Deployment and Update module fills a long-time need for us:  how to patch and/or update non-Microsoft applications. But it does a whole lot more than just patch Adobe Reader, said Jim Lancaster, CTO of Sagiss, LLC. “The new module gives me the ability to install and maintain just about any application of my choosing.  It extends the policy-based management found in other modules, and re-uses familiar screens—like the scheduler—while adding new features to them like ‘named schedules’.”

Deployment Schedule
In order to minimize the impact of software installation to the end user, IT administrators can define named schedules per profile with a wide range of scheduling settings including:
–       Recurrence – Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
–       Daily Schedule –including time, distribution window and daily interval
–       Start/End – including start date and optional end date

Dashboards and Alerts
A built-in dashboard provides key metrics and alerts for administrators to monitor software and deployment status.
•      Application Status
•      Top Five Deployed applications
•      Deployments in the last 24 hours
•      Alerts – new module includes multiple alert templates

Manual Deployment
It’s not uncommon for IT professionals to receive requests for one-off deployments or updates of software applications or in worst case scenarios to install new software to help remediate an issue. Kaseya Software Deployment and Update module provides the ability to manually deploy software by computer or group of computers outside of the profile, by selecting software from the assigned profiles or the software catalog.

Pricing and Availability
Kaseya Software and Update Deployment will be available this month and will be sold as an add-on module for perpetual or subscription licensing on-a-per-seat basis.

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