Kaseya Delivers Desktop Policy Management with Intel® vPro™ Technology Integration for Last-Mile Remote Management
[Jan 10th, 2012]

Security, Support and Power Management with Intel® vPro™

Kaseya®, the leading global provider of automated IT systems management software, today announced the latest Desktop Policy Management to allow the IT administrator to enforce corporate policy standards that ensures supportability and security.  By incorporating tight integration with Intel® vPro ™ Technology capabilities, Kaseya Desktop Policy Management (KDPM) brings powerful new out-of-band management to last mile remote management.  Further, KDPM offers improved security by centrally controlling important system settings and removing user interference with corporate governance.

“The Kaseya KDPM 3.5 module has delivered on the benefits of the Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor with one easy-to-use, single pane of glass view,” said Scott Brown, president of TimbukTech.   “Additionally, the new vPro features in KDPM 3.5 lowers our costs and enhances our toolset. Normally we’d send a technician out on a ‘blue screen of death’ or an unbootable computer, but with this manageability at the hardware level, we can now handle it remotely saving both time and money.”

With Intel vPro capabilities embedded in the hardware, IT administrators can now access and administer the hard drive, operating system and software application in the pre-boot environment, when there are issues affecting those areas.  The IT administrator now has the ability to remotely scan and automatically detect vPro capabilities on Windows machines through the Kaseya agent which in turn saves time and a site visit to the Windows client.  Using a combination of Intel vPro and Kaseya technology, the new KDPM module offers a broad array of power management options including hard power options that will effectively pull-the-plug on a machine, even in a remote, completely frozen Windows client.

KDPM 3.5 supports Intel® AMT ™ management options, which like other vPro functions are available out-of-band.

– Boot to BIOS – rebooting the Windows client into BIOS mode and remotely editing the BIOS

– Boot to ISO – reboot the Windows client and connect to an ISO image to boot the machine

– Connect to unresponsive Windows client – start a remote console session to diagnosis a machine even if the operating system (OS) has frozen or hung.

“By combining Kaseya with Intel technology, IT administrators can have remote access to computers virtually anytime, regardless of the state of the OS,” said Daniel R. Russell, director, Business Client Platforms and Solutions Marketing, Intel Corporation. “Remote management capabilities enable IT administrators to save time and costs by reducing the need for onsite visits.”

For additional KDPM 3.5 information, please see: http://www.kaseya.com/kdpm

Pricing and Availability

Kaseya Desktop Policy Management module will be available globally today and will be sold as an add-on module for perpetual or subscription licensing on-a-per-seat basis.

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