Is quick wash good enough?

Jun 12th, 2014

So many of us look at our washing machine like the cockpit of a space shuttle, with numerous dials, buttons and displays that only sink us deeper into confusion. So what do you do when you don’t know what’s what in the washing machine pot – we revert back to our trusty old friend the quick wash. But is the quick wash doing the job you want it to do?

Most washing machines have a quick wash feature. While it may go by another name, it is essentially the same thing – a time-saving wash cycle. But it is important to remember that a quick wash is only effective when washing lightly soiled, minimal amounts of clothing – not your whole weekly load. So if it is date night and you want to wear that special blouse, but you see it lying wrinkled in the laundry basket, a quick wash is your solution. If it’s your kid’s muddied rugby clothes, then a quick wash is not the answer.

A quick wash will not:

• Wash out all stains properly
• Wash out skin grease
• Wash out skin flakes
• Dilute a normal dose of detergent correctly
• Rinse correctly using a normal detergent dose

Not to mention a quick wash will leave residues on your laundry and in your machine due to poor rinsing and will eventually lead to a bacteria build up in your washing machine – and THAT completely defeats the purpose, doesn’t it?

But a quick wash will:
• Save you time
• Avert dirty clothes disasters
• Refresh lightly soiled clothes and linens

The quick wash is only one function out of many and has its place. If you really want to wash your family’s clothes properly then you will need to use your washing machine to its full poten-tial.

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