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LG G3 announces brand ambassador

Aug 27th, 2014

LG Electronics is proud and excited to announce that South African singer, songwriter Connell Cruise is the official brand ambassador for the LG G3 for Southern Africa.

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Facing the future at OR Tambo

Aug 26th, 2014

Recent visitors to Oliver Tambo International Airport have been dazzled by LG’s incredible curved OLED and Ultra HDTVs.

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The fresh prince of cold air: How to keep your food fresh by LG South Africa

Aug 21st, 2014

Ever opened a carton of milk well before its best-before date to find that it’s gone off? Keeping food fresh can be a struggle.

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Thinness and its technology explained

Aug 20th, 2014

Gone are the days of being burdened by bulky, inflexible televisions due to the lack of technological options.

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LG G3 – The evolution of HD – from TV to smartphone

Aug 18th, 2014

Gone are the days when phones were technologically inferior to televisions.

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LG G3 – Quad HD in the palm of your hands

Aug 14th, 2014

Remember playing Snake on your phone? It wasn’t so long ago that the best display you could get on your mobile was a black and white resolution of barely a few hundred pixels.

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LG flies the G3 flag at malls nationwide

Aug 13th, 2014

When LG launched its flagship G3 smartphone to the consumer market on the 17th of July, it knew it needed an extraordinary marketing effort.

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LG G3- Available at Vodacom Mobile now

Aug 11th, 2014

The much anticipated LG G3 is now available from VodaCom stores.

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Available at Virgin Mobile now

Aug 11th, 2014

The much anticipated LG G3 is already available at Virgin Mobile stores.

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