Expanding on the excellent performance of its predecessors, the new and improved LG SolarDOM is set to take lightwave ovens to a new frontier. Not only is it an extraordinary piece of LG innovation and ingenuity, but it is also brimming with unprecedented value for its users.

Designed to be four times faster and consume 50% less energy than a traditional oven, the SolarDOM has ushered in the next generation of home appliances that will save you time and money. More importantly, it is eco-friendly, energy-efficient and reduces our carbon footprint, but not at the expense of tasty and healthy food.

Speaking of food, aren’t you tired of heating up food and finding that the outside is cooked but the inside is ice-cold? No longer will this be an issue with the SolarDOM’s even cooking and Charcoal Heater features. The lightwave oven uses powerful halogen lights to cook the outside of food, much like conventional radiant heat, but also penetrates the surface so the inside is cooked at the same time. This unique form of cooking is uncommonly fast, but keeps food moist, tender and bursting with flavour.

Cleaning the SolarDOM will become one less chore and headache, as LG has ensured that it is an elbow grease-free zone. This is because the lightwave oven has been coated with Easy Clean Coating, a material that ensures it is 10 times easier to clean without the need for expensive cleaning products. The round cavity design is another feature that ensures you can wipe away the toughest food stains with simply water and one swipe.

Unlike other microwaves that have unintuitive and complicated interfaces, the SolarDOM has been built with an easy to use button interface. By pressing four buttons, you could cook a delicious, healthy meal in record time – without having to study the instruction manual. It’s so easy to do that the kids will need to find new excuses for not making supper again.

LG’s SolarDOM is available at selected key retailers.