We have one planet and it’s our obligation to preserve it for future generations. LG believes it holds a corporate responsibility to create products that are both eco-friendly and of the highest quality. This is why it endeavours to build the ultimate “green” home for its consumers. Having eco-friendly home appliances presents numerous benefits, including:


Washing machines make life so much easier, but they are known to consume a lot of water. LG realised this many years ago and was the first to introduce the steam washer to the consumer market in the late 90s. Since then LG has consistently been developing and improving on this innovation to ensure all TrueSteam washing machines are as eco-friendly as possible. TrueSteam washing machines use less power and consume less water than conventional models, proving to be the most energy-efficient way to clean your clothes.

Better and faster cleaning

Apart from expending most of our time on Saturday mornings, doing several loads of washing can cause excessive strain on the washing machine and consume more water and power (as mentioned above). LG’s Hygienic Washing machine is ready to clean better and faster than the rest. This innovative top-loading washing machine is capable of performing the same six motions that you would by washing by hand while holding 19kg of laundry. Moreover, it reduces noise pollution with its quietness, ensuring that you can watch all your morning programming without hearing the grumbles and tumbles of a washing machine in the background.

Energy consumption reduction

There’s nothing worse than heating a meal in the microwave only to discover the outside is sizzling but the inside is colder than an igloo in the North Pole. You might think that reducing energy consumption will only make this problem worse. Not if you utilise LG’s new lightwave oven, the SolarDOM. The innovative lightwave oven has been proven to reduce energy consumption by 50%. Easy and convenient to use, the SolarDOM allows you to make wholesome meals, such as a roast chicken with vegetables, in just 25 minutes. Now, meals can be cooked four times faster than a conventional oven, bringing down the numbers on those already-painful energy bills.

Bacteria elimination

Did you know that foods can contaminate each other? This is why you should compartmentalise specific foods in a fridge, unless you want to chuck away everything because of one mouldy slice of cheese. Putting hygiene and your grocery budget first, LG’s Door-in-Door’s adjustable moving basket and easier-to-reach lower drawers make it simpler to compartmentalise items and keep your fridge running effectively and germ-free.