LG Electronics, South Africa’s leading provider of electronic consumer goods, has unveiled the latest in its range of lifestyle-enhancing audio accessories with its SoundPlate – an all-in-one home theatre system made for the modern, flat-screen TV. The LG SoundPlate series is the next generation in home theatre systems, combining style, functionality and quality in one elegant, compact package.



With the prevalence of flat screen TVs, consumers are experiencing changes in the way they consume media. Slimmer television designs are resulting in weaker sound quality as the speaker has been moved to the lower or back of the TV. At the same time, the types of content people can enjoy, are proliferating leading to the need for a TV to be a fully integrated home theatre system.

Until recently, consumers who wanted to enjoy rich sound had to invest in costly surround sound set-ups that took up excess space in the home. Now, they can say goodbye to cluttered wires and enjoy vivid surround sound in a single slimline device, designed to complement the look of today’s flat panel TVs.

There’s no complicated set-up required to start enjoying your LG SoundPlate. Installation and connection is so simple, anyone can do it. At only 39.5mm height, the SoundPlate fits most TV sizes from 32” to 55”.

If you think you’ve heard it all with home theatre systems, it’s time to think again. The SoundPlate is designed to bring your movies to life with 4.1ch Surround Sound, Wireless Active Subwoofer and Sound Mode Switching.

The speakers utilise cutting-edge neodymium magnets to create a detailed, expansive sound field that delivers a fully immersive home theatre experience. Ever wanted to see your favorite band in concert? The external subwoofer reproduces deep powerful bass that will make you bring out the lighters and glowsticks. With Sound Mode, you can optimise your sound to suit whatever kind of content you’re watching, letting you adjust between standard, music and cinema modes.

LG SoundPlates require minimum space but deliver a maximum punch, packing a Blu-ray, multimedia and Smart Box into a single small home theatre system. Blu-ray playback delivers exceptional HD quality to make the most of your HDTV. Smart TV with built-in Wi-Fi lets you enjoy a multitude of popular streaming services and apps. Bluetooth streaming allows you to listen to or play all your favourite tunes direct from your cellphone, no cables required.

Whatever your needs, LG has a SoundPlate made for you. Price-conscious consumers can enjoy high-quality sound at an affordable price with the LAP240. For audiophiles, the LAP440 and LAP340/41 deliver unmatched sound quality. For consumers who want the most functionality out of their home theatre system, there’s only one choice: the LAB540 that allows you to play all the content you could possibly enjoy.

Contact your premium retailer today to learn how you can bring the SoundPlate experience to your home.