Watching television has come a long way since families gathered around a small black-and-white receiver with a screen the size of a cereal box. Today, we use our sets for a variety of purposes – watching TV shows, catching the latest blockbuster on Blu-ray, playing games and surfing the internet. Whatever we like to use our televisions for, we all want the best performance from them.

With so many choices of television sets available, it’s clear that 2014 has been a great year for TV. Whatever a consumer’s TV wants, there’s a product on the market that’s perfect for them. Available in a range of sizes and formats, LG has developed a range of televisions with every kind of consumer in mind.

Screen size has exploded in the last few years. Even the most price-conscious consumer can now enjoy a TV with a screen worthy of their favourite shows. LG’s range of TVs starts at 42” and go all the way to an incredible 105”, covering every room in the house, from the kitchen to the lounge.

One of the most exciting technologies to emerge recently has been ULTRA HD TV, the technology that makes those massive 105” screens possible. Many televisions claim to be picture perfect. LG’s range of ULTRA HD TVs make that claim a reality, bringing images to life in a way like never before. With four times the quality of Full HD, ULTRA HD television brings crisp, lifelike images to your living room.

Each LG TV is designed to give you as cinematic an experience as possible. LG’s range of 3D televisions uses the most advanced 3D rendering technology so you can enjoy realistic, flicker-free 3D from the comfort of your couch. IPS panels offer perfect viewing from any angle and minimises distortion for a stable display.
Curved televisions are the most buzzworthy TVs on the market right now thanks to their sexy shape and groundbreaking image rendering technology. You’ll want to admire LG’s curved televisions from every angle just to see if a bad one exists. It doesn’t. The unique curved shape is designed to bring deliver an all-encompassing viewing experience, making every angle the perfect one.

The secret behind these curved screens is OLED, a revolutionary technology that allows for curved screens and silhouettes so skinny, you’d swear they weren’t there. OLED uses an organic substance that emits its own light when an electronic current is introduced. This results in incredible contrast ratio without requiring the bulky hardware necessary to render such high quality colour reproduction. The result is quite simply breathtaking.

Trendspotters are always looking for ‘the new black’, but they need look no further than LG for a TV that renders the colour in style. The electronics leader’s range of Plasma TVs use innovative features like the TruBlack Filter and 3D TV Technology that let you enjoy a stunningly smooth picture and gorgeous levels of black.

You’ll never need to compromise on the style or quality of your TV with LG. Consumers who want conventional LED will not be disappointed with LG’s LED televisions. Each LED TV features Full HD for crystal clear images and vivid colours. Technologies such as Intelligent Sensor and Picture Wizard allow for a controlled picture quality to suit any condition, while features such as Smart Energy Saving Plus reduces how much power your TV uses for an viewing experience that is as eco-friendly as it is enjoyable.

The variety of LG’s television range demonstrates that the company is as in-tune with the trends that are shaping TVs as it is with the diverse needs of today’s consumer. From size to price-point, LG has a product that can suit any household.