The LG G3 Beat is the latest smartphone from LG Electronics (LGeSA). The G3 Beat is compact and stylish so that it can fit into every aspect of a busy woman’s life, even in her clutch bag with ease.

The G3 Beat is the perfect companion for a night out with your best friends. “The camera, memory and long lasting battery will ensure that you are able to capture all the fun ‘night out’ memories,” said Tatum Keshwar, G3Beat brand ambassador.

The 8MP camera is powerful and is equipped with Laser Auto Focus and Touch&Shoot. The Laser Auto Focus enables the G3 Beat to capture stunning images, even in low light by measuring the distance between the subject and the camera using a laser beam. The Touch&Shoot function allows the user to tap on the screen to take the picture. By doing this, the G3 Beat focuses as well as takes the picture in one easy step. Both of these features make capturing those unexpected fun moments possible.

The 1.3MP front camera also has Gesture Control. This is activated by showing your palm to the screen and making a fist. The three second countdown gives you time to get into the perfect position for a flawless selfie with your friends.

With the G3 Beat you have the latest tech at your fingertips. It sports a total of 24GB memory, which is the largest in its category. This means that you can snap away all night and won’t run out of space to store your pictures and videos. The long lasting battery won’t let you down either.

The G3 Beat is like having a professional photographer with you in the room.

Head down to your nearest MTN or Vodacom stores and get yours today.