Many years ago, the television ruled supreme as the Center of the home. Families would gather in the living room during the evening to experience entertainment and laughter together in the comfort of television’s soothing glow.

The advent of computers, mobile devices, consoles, tablets and other entertainment devices saw families float apart into their own separate bubbles of entertainment. Now, Ultra HD is set to change all that and return the TV to its place as the heart of the home.

Ultra HD TV’s are a bold new step in bringing realistic detailed images into your living room. As TV’s have become bigger, it has become more difficult to express details because resolutions have stayed the same. Ultra HD packs more pixels per inch – eight million pixels compared to two million. That’s a resolution four times higher than current full HD TV and better quality than today’s best movie theatres.

What this means is that Ultra HD televisions can be up to 10 inches bigger than standard HD models and express a picture that is a lot more detailed and delicate. Image clarity is finer, more textured and smoother, leading to an incredible viewing experience that transcends anything you’ve seen before. Ultra Cinema 3D images are clear thanks to flicker-free technology that puts you in the action.

LG Ultra HD televisions use IPS Panel technology to bring images to life. IPS panels generate colours as accurate as possible to the original image, deliver more consistent colour in any viewing angle, reduce blur in fast-moving pictures and are more resistant to damage thanks to their greater stability and sturdiness.

Combine this with high performance multi-channel speakers and you’ll no longer need to be a tycoon to install a movie cinema in your home. Ultra HD brings equivalent detail and clarity to your very own living room. The only thing you’ll need to supply is your own popcorn.

It’s not just the hardware that distinguishes Ultra HD as the most advanced and realistic television out there; it’s the ability to turn your TV into a smart multimedia hub. LG Ultra HD uses webOS, a user-centric smart operating system that allows you to set up, connect and control your TV and connected devices no matter what your level of skill. Everyone from your tech geek brother to your tech-challenged grandmother can easily get the most out of Ultra HD thanks to webOS.

Command your TV the way you like it – point-and-click, scrolling using a wheel or using voice command. This promises to change the way families interact with their devices and access content. The simplicity and intuitive interface of webOS means that it’s as easy to watch TV as it is to view photos, surf the internet, stream movies, use social media and play console games. You can control every aspect of your Ultra HD remotely using dedicated smartphone and tablet apps.

Ultra HD fulfils the ambitious promises of smart TV and redefines the television’s role in the home. Perhaps the most exciting aspect of Ultra HD is that this is just the beginning. As Ultra HD technology matures, its importance in the home can only grow. Today, it’s the hub through which you can control and access all of your disparate devices. Tomorrow, it could very well be the hub through which you control your entire smart home.