The LG Ultra HD Smart 3D Blu-ray player is set to change the way that you view entertainment forever. The all-in-one player is the device that will successfully turn your living room into a full-blown multimedia experience.

The realism of Ultra HD

One of the key features of this player is the Ultra HD up-scaling function. It upgrades any normal picture to Ultra HD quality for you to enjoy four times the resolution. Whether you’re watching two lovers kiss under the rain or a fast-paced car chase, the film will look always better in Ultra HD.

Experience the vividness of 3D

What’s just as good as Ultra HD viewing? 3D Playback of course. Perfected by advanced 3D technology, LG provides an immersive 3D viewing experience with an even brighter and clearer 3D picture free of virtually any blur. In addition, the 2D to 3D function will turn regular content into 3D without fuss. LG’s upgraded conversion technology is the most advanced yet, with superior depth effect and smoothness. You’ll never have a shortage of content to watch now.

Sound consideration

Your neighbours and sleeping relatives won’t have to complain about your films being too loud again thanks to the Private Sound Mode 2.0. You’ll be able to send the sound from the TV to mobile devices via Wi-Fi, and connect an earphone to listen to it privately. The night owls will love this function.

Connective TV

LG understands that the modern home entertainment system needs to be connected to the Internet, and the Ultra HD Smart 3D Blu-ray player does just that. The Miracast™ function allows you to display pictures, videos, games and contents from your smartphone on your TV screen through screen mirroring. By using Wi-Fi Direct™, you’ll be able enjoy easy wireless file-sharing, allowing for greater connectivity, easier access and seamless content streaming. Alternatively, LG’s SmartShare™ ensures that you’ll be able to browse, share and view files from your smartphone, tablet or PC wirelessly via your Blu-ray player and watch them on your TV.

Quick booting

Forget about the long loading times of the past. The innovative technology in the Blu-ray player comes equipped with Quick Booting. Just turn on the player and you’ll be enjoying your favourite entertainment in seconds.

It’s a kind of magic

The infamous LG Magic Remote comes standard with the Ultra HD Smart 3D Blu-ray player. It is the most advanced, yet easy-to-use TV remote to date. All you have to do is point and click, drag and drop, or scroll up and down using the wheel to navigate. Remotes have never been simpler and smarter.

With such a smart player, it would be equally smart to look at one of LG’s Smart TVs as the perfect entertainment companion. It’s time to welcome LG’s world into your home.

The Ultra HD Smart 3D Blu-ray player is now available for the recommended retail price of R2999 (inclusive of VAT).