Recently LG Mobile ambassador Tatum Keshwar put the G3 Beat, the G Watch R and the LG bluetooth headset to the test, whilst going about her usual gym workout.

“My G3 Beat and G Watch R keep track of my workout and my bluetooth headset ensures that my workouts are fun,” said Keshwar. Her G Watch R helps keep track of her fitness goals, counts her daily steps and even monitor her heart rate by way of its embedded photoplethysmogram (PPG) sensor.

The G3 Beat has the largest memory in its category with a total of 24GB. This means she can store all her workout playlists on it with no fuss and listening to it with her bluetooth headset has never been easier. “The best part of the bluetooth headset is that there are no wires so that I can move any way I like with nothing getting in my way,” explained Keshwar.

LG does it again, this time making your workouts simpler and easier.
Life’s Good on the Beat.

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