Don’t worry, just reach for your LG smartphone

Next to misplacing your car keys, losing a TV remote is one of the most frustrating occurrences that some cannot seem to remedy in our everyday lives. LG Electronics – a worldwide leader in smartphone technology – has pushed the envelope once again and developed technology that allows its smartphone devices to control your TV. Yes, now you can use your G2 or G3 smartphone as a TV remote, too.


Through its infrared port and built-in QuickRemote application, an LG smartphone can turn into the ultimate universal TV remote within seconds. In a few simple steps, you can select the remote you want via the application and then point and click as you would a regular TV remote.

Due to the innovative technology incorporated into the LG smartphones, the use of the remote function will be flawless and hassle-free. You will be able use your smartphone to switch channels and adjust the volume, while you surf the net and reply to IMs in between.

Smart Share

The days of connecting USBs and external hard drives to your TV are coming to an end. The Smart Share function will allow you to browse and access media on your smartphone and play it directly on your LG Smart TV. Whether you switch between episodes of your favourite series or rewind back to the ultimate getaway scene, total control of your entertainment world lies in the palm of your hand.

Control your home theatre system

Your LG smartphone can also act as a remote for your LG home theatre system. You can control your audio system through the use of a single app – and with near-field communication (NFC) enabled, it works even better than ever.

If you have music stored on your mobile device, you will be able to play your tunes on your LG sound system with wireless audio streaming via Bluetooth. Connect this with the Smart Share function and your home will instantly turn into the new party destination.

Pack away the cables and additional remotes because LG is about to turn your home into a smart home. Now, you’ll only need to worry about finding your car keys…