As CES 2015, the world’s largest consumer electronics show, is underway in Las Vegas, strong trends have already begun to emerge for the year ahead. The overarching message is one of technology that starts from the human, not from the machine. There are suggestions that innovation should no longer focus on spinning out new technologies but on improving the functionality of existing technologies to meet con-sumer needs and improve user experiences. Thus LG’s theme at CES this year is “Innova-tion for a better life”.

With its development philosophy of “Learning from you”, LG understands that it is the human factor that drives innovation. Taking what consumers are asking for as a starting point for new product development, the company has found that people want to be able to meet their needs and access their devices wherever they are and whenever they need to.

The smartphone has taken centre stage as the gateway to connectivity and LG is delivering a superior mobile experience. Its flagship G series of smartphones have distinguished them-selves as the strongest and most user-friendly devices on the market, making them the per-fect cornerstone of the evolving smart home.

One of the most important lessons out of CES 2015 is how integration lies at the heart of customer needs. Currently, the average home network has four devices connected to it. With the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) looming large, LG’s focus has been to de-liver a connected technological ecosystem that merges devices to enhance the way people experience the world.

The G-Pad is the perfect complement to LG’s signature smartphones, offering a one-stop entertainment hub with built-in convergence with mobile devices. Users can control their G-Pads remotely using their LG smartphones for unmatched convenience of access.

Wearable technologies have come to the fore in a big way at CES 2015, as manufacturers search for a way to deliver new multimedia experiences in a stylish way. LG is quickly tak-ing the lead with its emerging range of fashion-forward wearable products designed to meet a different set of needs than smartphones and tablets.

The LG G Watch R takes portability to a whole new level, delivering essential information such as health updates, meeting reminders and local weather at the exact right time and place. Like the G-Pad series, it can seamlessly connect to the LG smart ecosystem for a tru-ly immersive experience.

With a unified product ecosystem, LG is perfectly positioned to deliver the next evolution in connected devices, which will see new applications augment what we love, automate te-dious tasks and present a bold new way of living life.