The wait is over. Android’s latest operating system, Lollipop is now available in South Africa. LG Mobile is the first to bring it to local con-sumers and is available for download as of today. Lollipop is available only for the LG G3 at the moment, but will roll out for other devices at a later stage.



Upgrading your smartphone to Lollipop will benefit it, and in turn you, in various ways.

The material design will bring complex views and fluid animation to your G3 device. You will be able to see ripples, real-time shadows and other 3D elements.

The operating system also includes a battery saver feature which will automatically reduce your smartphone’s performance to prolong its use. You can set this feature to activate once the battery level drops to a certain percentage. This is smart because you will no longer have to carry a charger with you wherever they go. This goes hand in hand with the new Android feature, Ambient- mode aka Always-on display. This allows your device’s screen to remain on while it is at low battery life. It is intended to be used to view notifications at a glance without having to turn on or unlock the screen manually thus conserving battery power.

At LG we would like to know your thoughts on Lollipop because we’re always “Learning from You”. Once you have upgraded your G3 to the new operating system, head over to our social pages; let us know your experience and you could stand a chance to win a G Watch R.

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FOTA upgrade (using your mobile phone)

  1. Menu
  2. Update Centre
  3. Software Update
  4. Check now for Update


Web download (using your PC)

Option 1

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Software Update and Drivers
  3. Download LG Mobile Support Tool
  4. Install into the PC
  5. Connect G3 to PC using a USB cable
  6. Open LG Mobile Support Tool
  7. Click on Start Upgrade


Option 2

  1. Use LG PC Suite.
  2. Download and install PC Sync from
  3. Connect G3 to PC using a USB cable
  4. Open LG PC Suite
  5. Click on Upgrade Check