Looking to get a bikini body in 2015? The best way to get healthy and look great is to focus on getting your eating habits right, and it’s never been easier with LG’s revolutionary lightwave oven, the SolarDOM. Here are six ways the SolarDOM can help you reach your health goals for the New Year.

{1} Forget frying
We all know how unhealthy greasy, fried foods can be. Instead of frying foods like chicken, chips and fish, go for healthier cooking options. The SolarDOM’s multi-heating system lets you grill and roast meals to perfection, allowing you to bake all those snacks ad treats you just can’t get enough of.

{2} Make it at home for work
Buying lunch every day at work is all too familiar for most of us. The large capacity of the SolarDOM means you can easily make wholesome, delicious dinners the night before and have the leftovers for lunch the next day. Some ideas to try: mozzarella-topped meatballs, herb-stuffed turkey, Moroccan lamb couscous and chicken with leek pie.

{3} Drop the processed foods
There’s a common stereotype that healthy eating just tastes blander compared to the less healthy variety because of all the salt and sugar in the latter. Thankfully, making delicious, nutritious meals, isn’t difficult – it requires the judicious use of herbs, spices and healthy oils combined with the right cooking techniques that maintain the natural flavour. The SolarDOM is designed to cook food that is crispy on the outside and wonderfully moist on the inside, so you can enjoy food the way it was meant to taste.

{4} Say no to takeaways
We all have those days when we just don’t have time to cook and jump to order fast food instead. With the SolarDOM’s Speed Cooking and Speed Grilling features, those days are a thing of the past. Next time you get the urge to pop by that greasy fried chicken place that always gives you heartburn, why not whip up your own healthy version instead? The SolarDOM can cook a whole roast chicken in an incredible 20 minutes!

{5} Experiment
If you find the usual frozen veggies bland and boring, why not try tossing fresh vegetables with olive oil, salt, pepper and fragrant herbs and roasting them in the SolarDOM?
LG’s SolarDOM microwave helps you break from your normal routine and so that you can you’re your favourite foods in new, quick and exciting ways.