Your phone is a reflection of you. A trendsetter needs a mobile device that is not only practical, but also slick, elegant and has more swagger than Jagger. You deserve the finest things in life, which is why LG has created the G Flex2, a smartphone that pushes the boundaries of technology and style.

Kiss your old phone goodbye because the curve of the G Flex2 is about to change your life. While in the past it might’ve been accused of being a gimmick, LG has ensured that this new curvy invention is bringing sexy – and practicality – back. As the world’s first dynam-ically curved smartphone, the G Flex2’s design provides a better grip that enables the mi-crophone to be closer to your mouth, for better sound pickup. The arch also allows the phone to fit better in your pocket, so no more “is there something in your pocket?” jokes.

There’s nothing worse than having a phone that looks like it has been in an MMA fight. So LG took the self-healing feature from its predecessor and tweaked the scratch-resistant coating to give those pesky scratches a run for their money. The refractive pattern on the phone’s rear is another cool feature that appears to change with differing angles, showcas-ing altered intricacies and details.

LG makeover edition
Coming in platinum silver or flamenco red, the G Flex2 is the supermodel phone in your hand. It is smaller, thinner and approximately 15% lighter than its predecessor. The Full HD display has been cut down to 5.5-inches and its arch design removes any glare problems. So prepare to be more drawn in to your movies, photos and messages with the G Flex2 standard.

Be the selfie champion
Included with the 13-megapixel camera are two features that will revolutionise your selfie taking experience. The Gesture Shot captures the perfect selfie with a simple hand gesture that is recognisable from up to 1.5 metres away. Complementing it is the Gesture View, which makes it easy to check your last shot immediately after snapping it.

Stop trying to keep up with the Joneses, because you are an individual who deserves to stand out from the rest. Be the trendsetter with the LG G Flex2, because it’s the premium phone for you.