The Eco-friendly Lightwave Oven

LG South Africa has launched the latest edition of its revolutionary lightwave oven SolarDOM. Building on the same excellent performance of its predecessors, the new and improved upgrade offers customers unique features, which ensure food is tastier and healthier.

Special features, such as the Charcoal Heater, ensure food is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, with high power density and fast responding time. SolarDOM uses powerful halogen lights to cook the outside of food, much like conventional radiant heat, but also penetrates the surface so the inside is cooked at the same time. This unique form of cooking is uncommonly fast, but keeps food moist, tender and bursting with flavour.

The lightwave oven is also eco-friendly and reduces energy consumption by 50%. Easy and convenient, the Solar DOM allows you to make wholesome meals, such as a roast chicken with vegetables, in just 20 minutes. Now food can be cooked four times faster than a conventional oven, making your day easier with one less thing to worry about.

The internal fan circulates the hot air from the heater and the hot air within the cavity to the food inside. This increases the energy efficiency and speeds up cooking, enabling complete and even cooking of family-sized food. As a result, the taste of the food advances into an entirely different stage. The hidden safety heater also allows for easy cleaning, and there is increased capacity ensuring that meals can be cooked for the entire family.

The SolarDOM is the ultimate home appliance, when it comes to stylish design and sophistication and is therefore the perfect fit for any kitchen. There is a functional menu display and pull down door making it easy to use. Furthermore, there are various features/functionalities that also form part of SolarDOM, such as the steam, roast, crisping and cake platters, which all heat according to the desired meal that you would like to be made.

The SolarDOM is available at selected key retailers.