Back in the day our smartphones were referred to as bricks purely because of the bulk and weight of the handset. It was impossible to fit it into any small spaces such as small handbags or pockets. The trend soon turned and smartphones became thinner and lighter. The LG G Flex2 was no exception.

Besides having the best technology in your hand, the latest LG smartphone also weighs in at a mere 152g, you’ll hardly know it’s in your hand or your pocket. It also won’t add un-necessary weight to your bag. Not only is it almost feather-light, it is also thin.

The curve of the G Flex2 means that the radius varies at different points on it. On the screen it is 700mm, on the rear 650mm and it narrows to a mere 400mm along the sides. This assists with maximum grip-ability.

The G Flex2 is made for the person who wants the best technology and a smartphone that is slim and light enough to fit into all the pockets of their life.