Smartphone users were first introduced to Gesture Con-trol with the launch of the award-winning LG G3 last year. The selfie-camera feature, which allowed consumers to show their palm to the screen and make a fist to activate a countdown timer, proved to be extremely popular and was carried over into the G Flex2.

The LG developers decided to take Gesture Control one step further by adding Glance View to the list of features of their latest smartphone. Once a selfie or groufie is taken, the screen automatically launches the preview app when the phone is brought closer to the us-er’s face. This enables the user to instantly decide whether they would like to keep the pic-ture or do a retake without having to go out of the camera and into another app. It all hap-pens in one smooth step, saving precious picture-taking time.

The G Flex2, with its signature curve, ensures better grip and reduces the risk of dropping the handset. It is feather-light and super thin, users will hardly realise that it’s in their pock-et or bag. It is made for the person who wants the best technology and a smartphone that is slim and light enough to fit into all the pockets of their life.

The G Flex2 is exclusively available from Vodacom.