As a smartphone is utilised as a main camera in daily life, the need for a high quality camera has been also increasing. LG has taken this a step further with the LG G4’s camera capabilities, which promises an unprecedented “Great Visual Experience” that is at the similar level you would expect to find on professional or DSLR level cameras.

Today, it is no longer a question of what device you used to shot your photograph. This is be-cause photography now includes a mobile device. The G4’s camera has evolved into a professional-grade camera featuring various functions and improvements. These include an F1.8 aperture on the rear camera, a Colour Spectrum Sensor, OIS 2.0, a larger image sensor, Manual Mode, and an 8MP front camera.

The F1.8 aperture, usually found in a DSLR camera, for the rear camera of the G4 features one of the brightest lenses on a smartphone cameras available on the market, the F1.8 lens and allows for 80% more light than the f2.4 found on the average smartphone. This gives you a clearer and lighter photo in a low light condition.  Its manual mode allows the user to take a picture like a professional by manually setting the white balance, shutter speed and ISO.

As the “selfie” trend and photography-based SNS becomes a major communication channel, to satisfy our customers’ need for a high-end front camera the G4 has adopted an 8MP front camera – for the first time among Korean smartphone manufacturers – giving users a higher resolution. It also includes useful editing features, such as Selfie Light.

G4’s OIS 2.0 performs twice as well as the predecessor’s OIS+, while its Color Spectrum Sensor understands the ambient light and reads an object’s exact colours. The G4 is the world’s first smartphone with this type of advanced Color Spectrum Sensor that can read RGB light as well as IR.

The G4’s camera promises an unprecedented “Great Visual Experience”.