LG G4 front

The LG G4’s camera promises an unprecedented “Great Visual Experience”. The Wall Street Journal to call it “the best camera you can find on an Android phone in the U.S., right now”.

“After putting the Galaxy S6 Edge, the iPhone 6 Plus and the LG G4 through a series of photo tests, I found that not only did the G4 keep up in most conditions, it took better low-light and night photos”, stated Nathan Olivarez-Giles in the review for the Wall Street Journal*.

This is because it is the only smartphone on the market with a camera that has an F1.8 aperture. It is a feature that places it streaks ahead of its competitors. The camera on other average smartphones has a f2.4 and the LG G4’s competitors only a f1.9. Therefore the LG G4 aperture allows in 80% more light than the average smartphone camera and is 11% lighter than its competitors.

Its f1.8 aperture is so competitive that it places the LG G4 camera on the same level as a DSLR.

It is also the only smartphone on the market today that support a Manual Mode and RAW file support. This allows users can take a picture like a professional by manually setting white balance, shutter speed and ISO in Manual Mode and capturing the images in RAW format, giving the user greater editing abilities, allowing for more creative images.

Editing images on the LG G4 is also a level above other smartphones with its Color Spectrum Sensor that reproduces colors identical to eye-view (unlike other smartphones embedded an IR(infrared rays) sensor, captures natural colors identical to eye-view without distortion).

Even the LG G4’s front camera provides more satisfaction than any other smartphone front camera because it has responded to the “Selfie” trend by giving a higher resolution image and useful editing feature, the Selfie Light.

The LG G4’s competitive advantage over its closest rival is its maximized visual experience through its DSLR-like camera and IPS Quantum Display. In addition, differentiating itself from other smartphones of a cookie-cutter design, the G4 adopted a premium design delivering analog sensibilities and a user-centric UX, to provide users with greater value in terms of usability.

The LG G4 is available now at leading operators.