LG’s Hygienic Washing Machine saves your clothes, your time and your money. What more could you ask for in a washing machine?

LG Electronics a worldwide leader in home appliance technology, brings the latest eco-friendly Hygienic Washing Machine with an unprecedented capacity of up to 19 kg of laundry to South African shores. Designed with larger families in mind, the new top loading washing machine sports new advanced features that will whisk away the never ending piles of laundry, making life easier around the home.

Offering superior performance, the Hygienic Washing Machine has the highest spin speed in its class as well as great savings in energy and water consumption due to the Direct Drive motor. The Direct Drive Motor also detects the weight of each load and selects the optimum washing and rinsing times as well as water consumption needs accordingly. With additional features like the smart iSensor technology, the top loader kinder to both your laundry and your utility bills.

This precise control system enables LG’s 6 Motion technology to work efficiently, quietly and reliably. Each wash cycle combines up to six different wash motions – including wave force, agitating, rubbing, compressing, rotating and swing – to deliver revolutionary washing results while being incredibly gentle on fabrics. This means there is no more need for pre-wash; thereby reducing the total washing time.

The Jet Spray feature reduces water usage by 27.5 per cent and allows LG’s top loaders to complete a wash cycle up to 17.1 per cent faster than a normal wash course. Unlike conventional rinsing cycles where the entire tub is filled with water, the Jet Spray sprays clean water from a valve at the top of the machine while the tub spins, extracting the dirty water.

Jayson Pillay, Consumer and Product Specialist at LG’s Home Appliance division says, “The LG Hygienic Washing Machine is another example of LG’s commitment to giving consumers the best performance with the added value of reduced household energy and water consumption rates. We strive to provide eco-friendly products that truly combine innovative design with smart technology to meet the demanding lifestyle needs of our consumers’ everyday lifestyle.”

LG Hygienic Washing Machine

LG Hygienic Washing Machine