LG G4 front

The LG G4 is capturing the hearts and soul of Instagram photographers and bloggers as it blazes its trail through the country. For Liezel Malherbe, editor, 9Lives, says it’s not only easy to take good pictures with the LG G4, but also convenient. “Having a camera that takes such high quality pictures on your mobile device, means you do not have to switch to your other camera. Therefore you can take pictures with your LG G4, and then switch between social media and your camera while you are working at an event. “

For Tim Moolman, local Instagram photographer, the Manual Mode camera is the LG G4’s camera’s best feature because it allows him to have almost full control over the camera. “I can set my ISO and shutter speed to work together with the f1.8 aperture to achieve creative effects no other smartphone allows me to.”

One of Tim’s photographs on Instagram demonstrate this creativity. In his picture of a watch with a skateboard in the background, the watch is in focus while the skateboard is blurred.

Tim, together with a number of other local Instagram photographers, who tried out the LG G4. Their images, taken with the LG G4 can be viewed on Instagram by following Follow @LGSouthAfrica (#LGG4) to. Consumers can also vote of their favourite image and win prizes.

LG South Africa has also encouraged all consumers to show off their photographs taken with the LG G4 on Instagram. The brand wants to delight the visual senses of South Africans by showing them just what amazing images the LG G4 can capture.

Consumers are also posting their images taken with the LG G4 to Instagram using the hashtag #LGG4 and the @LGSouthAfrica handle. The consumer campaign will give away two #LGG4s for the Most liked, Most shared, Best Photograph (obviously the most liked and shared images will be the best) around Moments and Outdoor as part of the SEE THE GREAT campaign.

The LG G4’s three camera modes mean you will never miss shooting great moments and its Manual Mode places it in the same arena as a professional-grade camera placing it at the same level with a DSLR.

The LG G4 Manual Mode camera features various functions that gives the user an unprecedented “Great Visual Experience” making it the best mobile camera on the planet.


  • F1.8-lens allows for increased light intake capability and enables the G4 to take a clearer and lighter photo in a low light condition
  • Manually setting white balance, shutter speed and ISO
  • Shoot in RAW, making the LG G4 your second expert camera
  • Set your shutter speed to let in more or less light, therefore letting in more light on a gloomy day and less on a sunny day. Shutter speed with the f1.8 can also give you a blurred background effect
  • White balance: set your white balance according to the time of day, so that in less favourable conditions, you can still take pictures without using a flash
  • Set your ISO together with your shutter speed and White balance for the perfect picture no matter the conditions.