As far as Mobile Technology Design goes; there is everybody else, and then there is LG. The consumer electronics giant has proven to be a cut above the rest having refined the look of its flagship smartphone, the LG G4.

With the G4, LG focused on delivering comfortable elegance, a great visual experience and a human-centric user experience.

The LG G4 has received worldwide acclaim, from tech enthusiasts and consumers alike, for its superior features including the 5.5-inch Quantum HD display and ultramodern, uncluttered user interface, dubbed LG UX 4.0, but it is the device’s “ergonomic, slim-arc” design – a design decision that has continued to receive positive reviews from lifestyle and design critics.

It is no surprise then that, when describing the distinguished design of the LG G4, the International Business Times (IBT) has reviewed the device as a “true craftsmanship at its finest”*

LG has stayed true to its promise of not only making life good but making it great. The LG G4’s durable slim arc design does exactly that. It allows for a natural, firm grip and was created with the ideal user experience in mind.

Inspired by artisanal precision, the G4’s premium back covers come in metallic grey (silver), gold, and genuine leather. The chic coloured backs are distinguished by a textural hammered-array pattern while the classic leather option featuring an exquisite threaded stitch are available in black and brown while the red leather is exclusively available from Cell C outlets.

The truth is, LG hasn’t gone overboard with the design on the G4. In fact, much like its predecessor, the 2014 Best Smartphone as voted for by the GSMA at the Global Mobile Awards the device boasts some of the slimmest bezels found on the mobile market. The key difference however between the LG G4 and its predecessor, is a slight curve to the screen, which definitely fits more comfortably than standard flat phones do, especially when pocketed in tight jeans, or in a jacket pocket.

Other notable features on the LG G4 include a 16 MP rear camera with an impressive F.1.8 aperture lens, a 8MP front camera ideal for capturing that perfect selfie and a state-of-the-art, infrared-sensitive colour spectrum sensor.

The LG G4 is currently available at leading operators nationwide.