LG G4 removable battery and microSD card slot

In an age where flagship smartphones come with pre-installed apps that suck up a great deal of memory, it is rather surprising that removable batteries have become less common, particularly with major flagship releases in 2015.

The LG G4 is among the few flagships which has stuck with the removable battery trend. According to Android Authority’s Andrew Grush, the LG G4 has become the sole option for users who want a major 2015 flagship with support for removable batteries.

“Sure, there are likely a number of mid-rangers or lesser known devices with the feature even today,” he explains, “but the bigger players in the industry just don’t seem to care about removable backs anymore.”

LG G4’s battery life offers much needed power to users, plus a little extra. Featuring improved processing and battery management, not to mention an interchangeable 3000 mAh batteries, the LG G4 is truly the perfect balance of speed and endurance.

The LG G4 comes fully pre-loaded with 32GB of built-in storage, and to top this off, space is basically unlimited with an external microSD slot capable of taking up to 2TB.

The smart notices offer are a great addition to the device and do an incredible job of letting users know of any running apps that may be slowing down the device. Knowing which apps are running and turning them off helps stretch battery life that much further.

In extreme circumstance, LG G4’s power saving mode can also help save the battery.

The LG G4 is currently available at leading operators nationwide.