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Smartphone manufacturers of yesteryear have, over the course of launching new devices, neglected a key element which differentiates a good smartphone from a great one – display technology. Realising that this was a defining element, LG Mobile poured a great deal into creating the LG G4, a high-end smartphone, holding all bragging rights when it comes to its display capabilities.

It has been said that the one key aspect for a great smartphone is a truly innovative and top performing display. This comes as no surprise as studies estimate that the average person spends more than an hour each day staring into their device. This equates to a full hour spent texting, watching videos, and viewing photos.

A Great Visual Experience is a promise that LG delivers on with the LG G4. The LG G4 is the first smartphone to use LG’s 5.5-inch IPS Quantum Display, which offers 20 percent greater colour reproduction, 25 percent improvement in brightness and 50 percent greater contrast.

The display on the G4 uses IPS Quantum technology which produces accurate colour with impressive contrast ratios. This type of screen technology is the most advanced display in the process of development of IPS LCDs and best known for producing clearer image quality and wider viewing angles. This translates into unmatched, vivid and life-like images.

In addition to the outstanding onboard technology, the G4 also packs an In-Cell Touch technology specked to improve the screen’s responsiveness meaning every time you touch and tap your screen, it already preempts exactly what you want. The pocket-size beauty boasts a slight curved display – a trademark of the previous flagships gives the phone a more natural feel.

The LG G4 is currently available at leading operators nationwide.