LSD has been working closely with Red Hat as a premier partner for nearly 20 years, creating value for clients with everything from Linux subscription renewals to building complete cloud native platforms with Red Hat OpenShift. We are excited to strap a jetpack to this partnership by becoming a Red Hat Certified Cloud and Services Provider (CCSP), which complements our membership to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) and our Kubernetes Certified Services Provider (KCSP) status.

With the launch of LSD’s cloud native accelerator, the LSDtrip, you can now get access to Red Hat technology on your internal or cloud infrastructure as part of the single monthly usage-based subscription fee, similar to how you would access these products via public cloud platform providers like AWS, GCP and Azure.

Why is this important to your business?

The LSDtrip is a set of fully managed and supported cloud native solutions, starting with a Kubernetes container platform for you to deploy and scale your applications on. With LSD’s CCSP status, the solutions available to you can be built using enterprise cloud native powerhouse tools like Red Hat OpenShift, Ansible and more, while getting the benefits and support of a company like Red Hat, without the expensive upfront costs necessary to outright purchase licenses for them.

Why is the LSDtrip the right move for my business?

To succeed in today’s reality, you need to deliver solutions and business innovation faster. You need to create adaptable, flexible and responsive platforms that will be able to quickly scale based on demand. The LSDtrip aims to accelerate the build, deployment and management of these platforms and onboard your infrastructure and development teams to adopt and quickly realise value while avoiding many of the mistakes and problems we’ve seen before.

For one monthly subscription to the LSDtrip, you get:

  1. A brand-spanking-new Red Hat Enterprise OpenShift platform in your data center, the public cloud or a combination of environments.
  2. A fully managed service with all of your Day 2 Ops taken care of, along with patches, upgrades and expansion included in your monthly fee.
  3. 24/7 support of the platform and onboarding assistance for teams
  4. A warm fuzzy feeling you get to work with a great bunch of people at LSD while moving your business in the right direction.

This means for a single monthly fee, in a pay-as-you-go type model, you get one of the top Kubernetes platforms deployed, managed and vendor-supported while the platform shows its value to the organisation.

We know this is just the start of your trip and is fully expandable to include even cooler cloud native functionality, like open source automation, Git-based DevSecOps, API and service mesh, full observability, and more through the add-on options in the LSDtrip. It’s all built around our experience and your needs and what you need to succeed in the cloud native space.

We would love to launch you into the world of cloud native with all the tools and help you’ll need along the way, get in touch to start your LSDtrip.


LSD was founded in 2001 and wants to inspire the world by embracing OPEN philosophy and technology, empowering people to be their authentic best selves, all while having fun. LSD is your cloud native digital acceleration partner that provides a fully managed and engineered cloud native accelerator, leveraging a foundation of containerisation, Kubernetes and open source technologies.