Upcoming MDM webinars to demystify data management

Feb 25th, 2015

Master Data Management (MDM) has three upcoming webinars focusing on data stewardship, customer analytics and big data architecture.

26 Feb: Operationalizing data stewardship for maximum governance effectiveness

BNY Mellon, the largest deposit bank in the world, recently embarked upon a Data Governance program to “operationalize” its data stewardship processes.

This required an understanding and inventorying of the governance tools on the market, developing best practice governance processes, provisioning new/existing roles and responsibilities, and determining/formalizing policies and standards– all while engaging key business stakeholders such as Risk Management, Records Management, SOX, and more.

Attend this session to learn how BNY Melon tackled this complex and challenging process transformation initiative by hearing about these topics:
• Evolving from Microsoft Excel & Word to an integrated data stewardship platform to increase efficiency & enable monitoring of both progress & ROI.
• Leveraging of out-of-the-box operating models, business glossary & Data Governance workflows of commercial Data Governance software solutions.
• Instantiating best practices of leading enterprises who are operationalizing their data stewardship processes.

Speakers include John Fleming, BNY Mellon chief data governance officer, Benny Verhaeghe, Collibra co-founder, and Aaron Zornes, The MDM Institute founder & chief research officer.

Register for this event: http://pages.marketing.information-management.com/20150226_imt_collibra_ws_lp-collibra.html


3 March: Customer analytics: Precisely understanding your customers’ journey
10am GMT / 11am GMT+1

Most customer interactions today occur through websites, digital ads, social media, and mobile. Combining these exponentially expanding amounts of unstructured data into your traditional data will reveal innovative new insights into your customer interactions.

In this webcast, you will learn how to:
• Discover what combination of campaigns convert prospects to customers
• Recognize the behaviour of customers at risk of churn
• Target your digital ads for each consumer segment for higher conversion
• Understand high-value customer behaviour for enriched cross- and up-sell

Register for this event: http://info.datameer.com/Precisely-Understanding-Your-Customers-Journey_Registration_EMEA.html


10 March: Why selecting a future-proof big data architecture matters
10am GMT / 11am GMT+1

The architecture of your big data analytics software makes all the difference to your business. Why? Because powerful big data analytics solutions enable all data to be analysed – from small amounts to petabytes of data, both structured and unstructured – in order to generate breakthrough insights.

In this webinar, you will:
• Deep dive into system, data integration, data transformation, and data visualization architecture
• Understand why a Smart ExecutionTM framework matters
• Learn how to take full advantage of all that Hadoop has to offer
• Gain a better understanding of the pros and cons of different architecture choices for big data analytics solutions

Register for this event: http://info.datameer.com/Why-Future-Proof-Big-Data-Architecture-Matters_Registration_EMEA.html


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