MDM announces Datameer Webinar – the most impactful big data use cases in 2015

Apr 24th, 2015

Data is growing daily and the majority of organisations are housing volumes of data, both structured and unstructured. Analysing this vast amount of data is an immense task for many organisations. However, by making use of data analytics, organisations are now able to observe new insights that can drive significant competitive advantage. This data, Big Data, is largely obtained from web logs, social media and even machine generated data from servers, robots, oil wells and cell towers.

Big data still remains a trending topic in the industry, however, the trends of previous years are shifting, creating new ones in 2015. One such trend is the clear progression from early adopters to a more business focused user. Early adopters implemented strategies to make use of current and past data by implementing solutions that will allow them to analyse the data housed within the organisation. However, business users are now seeing the benefits of analysing this data and using the data to improve business functions and processes which is mostly driven by use cases and enterprise interest. Business users are seeing the benefit and advantages of big data which is currently increasing the use cases of big data.

Datameer analytics software for Big Data, distributed locally by Master Data Management in Southern Africa and the only end-to-end big data analytics application purpose-built for Hadoop, will be hosting a Webinar focusing on the top three big data use cases in 2015. Case studies will also be included:

  • How a global credit card company decreased their customer acquisition costs by $3.5 million and at the same time increased conversion by 25%,
  • How a Fortune 100 energy company optimised oil production for one region, increasing annual oil production by over $100 million per year,
  • And how a cyber-security company is using big data to do impact analysis across geographies to assess malware threats

Join the Datameer webinar live, on 28 April 2015, or register for the recording, and understand how your organisation can harness big data to effectively provide a competitive edge. Learn from the 2015 use cases and take your organisation one step closer to generating new revenue streams, improving operations and accelerating customer acquisition.

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