Customer experience in focus this month

May 11th, 2015

The internet gives the consumer more power, and makes it increasingly difficult to compete on price or product. This is driving the shift towards customer experience management – competing by ensuring the customer has a better end-to-end experience when dealing with us.

Yet, today, most marketing teams are unable to analyse a lead’s journey across multiple systems.

This week’s big data webinar, Dive into Your Lead-to-Customer Journey with One Simple View, answers a common marketing challenge: Which of our campaigns and channels have the greatest impact on customer acquisition?

This Datameer webinar will show you how data-driven markets can quickly and easily combine data from marketing automation, CRM, websites, online adverts, and even social media for complete visibility into what campaigns convert leads into customers – and at what cost.

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At the end of the month, Master Data Management MD, Gary Allemann, will be presenting ‘Using GIS to enhance the customer experience’ at Africa’s 6th Annual GIS Conference in Johannesburg.

“Location data is part of a bigger picture that can give us insight into a customer’s movement, when and where they prefer to interact, and where they prefer to buy. If we can interact with our customer, where they live, work and play, this can optimise their buying experience,” says Allemann.

The Marketing department that can link purchasing, CRM, channel and location data can begin to deliver Big Data insight that will shift them ahead of the competition.
Of course, customer experience goes beyond the marketing experience to include customer service and operations. Every contact with the organisation can be improved through a proper understanding of our customer’s location.

Gary’s presentation will:
• Look at some examples of how location data can help to improve the Customer Experience,
• Look at some of the challenges of bringing location data into Big Data analytics, and
• Discuss some approaches for solving these challenges.

The event runs from 28 to 29 May 2015 in Randburg. See more at: