MDM announces new Data Warehousing course by eLearningCurve

May 25th, 2015

Master Data Management, sub-Saharan African partner for online data management educator’s eLearningCurve, has announced the newly released and exciting course: Building and Operating a Data Warehouse. Data warehousing professionals can combine this course with others from eLearningCurve’s data integration education track, to achieve the internationally recognised Certified Information Management Professional (CIMP) in Data Integration, or earn a CIMP in Data Warehousing with the soon to be released Data Warehousing track.

“Our partnership with eLearningCurve makes it possible for southern African professionals to access international expertise and education at reasonable prices. The CIMP certification, which requires professionals to prove competence on at least five related topics, has already been achieved by a number of our clients,” says Gary Allemann, MD of Master Data Management.

The new course, delivered by experienced Business Intelligence (BI) consultant and educator, Mark Peco, is geared towards data warehousing professionals who are looking to understand how recent business trends and changes are affecting the ‘modern’ data warehouse.

For over twenty years, data warehouses have served organisations in the areas of data integration, provisioning, management, and information delivery. Use cases range from basic reporting to advanced analytics and have been successfully implemented across a variety of industries by companies of various different sizes.

However, trends such as the rapid growth of non-traditional data sources, the availability of new technologies and the growing expectations of managers to compete on analytics, mean that the traditional data warehouse must be redefined and presented within a broader modern context.

A corporate data ecosystem is evolving and presents new opportunities for creating business capabilities that were not previously possible. Amidst these changes, the data warehouse continues to play foundational and integral roles within the expanding data landscape.

This 4.5-hour online course re-defines the scope of the ‘modern’ data warehouse. The need for planning and the role of architecture are described and clarified, followed by a discussion around the challenges related to gathering useful information requirements. This is followed by a discussion of design approaches, development, testing and quality management techniques.

The true value delivered to the organisation by a data warehouse depends on operational and service activities that leverage the data components previously implemented. It is through this combination of data and technology assets – with managed operations and services – that desired analytical and business capabilities are created. The design and implementation approaches of operations and services are provided to highlight this key requirement. The course material presents the full life cycle of the data warehouse including business context, scope, requirements, design, implementation and operations.

“This new course shows eLearningCurves commitment to continually updating and refreshing their material, meeting the needs of the data management community. Courses on business analytics, data mining, agile BI, and performance management are also in the works and will add to the more than 40 courses already available. This program presents companies with a great opportunity to build their employee’s skills, across a range of data management disciplines,” concludes Allemann.

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