Data Quality landscape highlights key battlegrounds in billion dollar market

Jul 13th, 2015

Gary Allemann, Master Data Management MD

By Gary Allemann, MD of Master Data Management

The 2015 Data Quality Landscape  report from Information Difference provides insights into the $1 billion a year data quality market.

The report highlights a key battle ground – that between focused data quality vendors, that provide best of breed data quality capability, and so called stack vendors that position data quality as a minor focus within a broader data management stack.

Stack vendors argue that a stack approach reduces integration challenges while best of breed vendors argue that their solutions produce better data quality.

The report seems to show that the best of breed vendors win on functionality – with our partner, Trillium Software, edging out the competition based on a combination of both functionality and market presence.

Support for emerging technologies, such Data Quality as a Service (DQaaS) and Big Data Quality running natively against Hadoop are some of ways in which best of breed maintain a leadership position.

Leading in the customer satisfaction stakes

Possibly more importantly, the report shows that the best of breed data quality vendors win on customer experience.

Once again, focussed data quality vendors such including Trillium Software are the top scorers when Customer Happiness is measured.

One can argue that data quality is not about the best tools, nor is it always about being innovative and catering for client’s current and future needs.

Indeed, one can argue that data quality is not about tools at all.

After all, even the best tools will fail without dedicated resources, support and the knowledge of how best to apply them.

It is precisely this dedication that is recognised by the Information Difference report.

We choose to partner with specialists who, like us are actively engaged in the delivery of practical  solutions for their real world problems – including integration to the data integration, master data management, data governance and other data management layers.

Our investment goes beyond implementation, to working with our partners to actively improve their solutions for South African conditions.

That is why it is so satisfying to have our investment in the Trillium Software partnership vindicated by neutral analysts

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