MDM announces Collibra’s University e-learning platform for online Data Governance training and certification

Aug 25th, 2015

Gary Allemann, Managing Director, Master Data Management

Master Data Management, distributor of Collibra in Southern Africa, has announced Collibra University, a new resource for data governance professionals. It provides thought leading research, best practices, and how-to information about active data governance in a self-paced e-learning environment.  Users of Collibra University can acquire skills on demand, become expert in data governance, and prove that expertise through the certification program. Practitioners with this expertise can deliver rapid value by designing, organising and implementing data governance programs.

Collibra University also provides guidance through the contents of Collibra Compass, a multi-faceted community of practitioners who are dedicated to helping each other and improving the art and science of data governance. Collibra University was designed by top researchers in the field, led by Dr. Pieter De Leenheer, Collibra co-founder, VP of Innovation, and noted lecturer on Data Governance.

Says Gary Allemann, MD at Master Data Management, “Collibra University is now allowing organisations that have deployed the Collibra data governance centre to develop their skills in the product offering, empowering the organisation to leverage the maximum out of their investment. It is also equipping their resources with additional skills in order to support and maintain the solution.”

Collibra University is the premier source for education into current best practices for data governance, and how to automate those practices using Collibra technologies. It also contains the Collibra Ranger certification program, which allows individuals to prove their competency in establishing and automating a data governance program with a series of practical exercises. Included as well is the community that facilitates the sharing of knowledge and innovation around data governance.

Please join us for a webinar on August 25th at 2pm EDT.

For more information visit Collibra University can be found at