MDM and offer limited free access to new Fundamentals of Analytics course

Oct 5th, 2017

Gary Allemann, MD at Master Data Management

To be an effective data analyst, ­­one needs the skills to find the right datasets. This, in addition to understanding data content and structure, analysing this data to find patterns, and then explain the meanings of those patterns. Understanding data is a key component of turning insight into opportunity and innovation.

Master Data Management (MDM) and eLearningCurve are offering free access to the new  Analytics Fundamentals course (a $570 value) until the 20th of October. This course is offered online and taught by Mark Peco and Dave Wells.

The Analytics Fundamentals course is the foundation of the new Data Analytics track and is intended to provide both technical and business users an understanding of the scope and key success factor of analytics.

In partnership with eLearningCurve, Master Data Management offers various technology independent courses to deliver critical missing skills in the field of information management.

Training and examinations are delivered online making them both cost effective and convenient. The courses are designed to equip participants with core data management skills and cover areas such as data governance, data quality, Master data management, business intelligence and data analytics, and more.

“Our courses empower data management teams to learn from the practical experiences of these industry leaders. The examinations test the learner’s ability to practically apply the knowledge gained and are a valuable tool for ensuring that best practise standards are applied across any company,” says Gary Allemann, MD at Master Data Management.

The Analytics Fundamentals course covers

  • Key definitions, concepts and terminology of analytics
  • Business analytics use cases and functional applications
  • Descriptions and scope of data analytics
  • Common analytics techniques and how they can be applied
  • Some analytics examples used to address a variety of applications
  • Key processes and methodologies to manage analytics work and activities

To access this course, individuals must fill out the short form on the website via the link below.  Participants will then receive a link to access the class via email within 48 hours.

The course will be available at no cost until the 20th of October.

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