Upcoming Webinar: Getting Data In – Answering the Challenge of Growing Sources of BI Data

Oct 13th, 2017

Gary Allemann, MD at Master Data Management

Today’s Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics implementation experts are faced with increasing volumes and sources of data whether on premise or off. In addition to this, experts are also confronted with new and innovative technologies, more complex data integration and quality issues, and difficulties in maintaining and enhancing these diverse BI architectures.

As a result, Master Data Management partner, Collibra, will be sponsoring TDWI’s webinar on the growing sources of Business Intelligence (BI) data. The webinar will take place on the 17th of October 2017 at 06:00pm South Africa time.

This TDWI webinar, will examine the architectural components needed to support robust and easy-to-maintain access to all the data needed for effective analytics environments. Here, individuals will be introduced to the concept of data provisioning and how to bring the critical data assets together through a data catalogue, giving examples of how the catalogue is used today. Moreover, the discussion will end with talks around the functions and features needed in a robust data catalogue.

Join us for this TDWI webinar, Getting Data In – Answering the Challenge of Growing Sources of BI Data, as Claudia Imhoff, President and Founder of Intelligent Solutions, Inc. will discuss:

  • The challenges facing implementers of complicated analytics environments
  • The need to expand the analytics architectures and the critical components supporting analytics
  • The need for a sophisticated data catalogue that ensures successful access to and deployment of data assets
  • Examples of data catalogue usage
  • Things to think about when selecting a data catalogue

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