Upcoming Webinar: The agile data catalogue

Nov 6th, 2017


In a world where data is on the increase, a data catalogue is essential. It ensures that all parties involved in analytics, anywhere across the organisation, can quickly locate the data sources needed and use them appropriately.

Yet, how can an organisation ensure that their data catalogues stay up-to-date and accurate, even as data sources expand and evolve on an almost daily basis? In addition to this, how can the business keep its data catalogue relevant with its ever-changing organisational needs?

Gary Allemann, Managing Director at Master Data Management says, “Data scientists and business managers typically struggle to find and access the data that they need to make decisions. A governed data catalogue helps business to find the data it needs for insights, while ensuring that sensitive data is protected. This webinar will showcase practical approaches to finding and accessing data

Join Master Data Management partner, Collibra, for this web seminar on ‘The agile data catalogue’ where experts Aaron Goldberg, CEO at Content4IT; Stephen Gatchell CDO at Dell and Lenny Leibmann, Contributing Editor at SourceMedia will discuss how to extract more value out of the organisations data with a truly agile approach to catalogue management. Here, one will learn:

  • The three factors that can erode your data catalogue’s value over time.
  • What data consumers really need and want in a catalogue.
  • Why it is essential to automate catalogue management as much as you can.

To register for this event: http://www.masterdata.co.za/index.php/events/eventdetail/143/-/webinar-the-agile-data-catalog