Upcoming Webinar: How can real-time CDC and data quality at scale wash out money laundering?

Jul 16th, 2018

Fraud prevention and anti-money laundering are tough use cases to tackle. They become even more difficult when data originates from various sources, not complete or correct, or even if it’s not kept up-to-date.

To make this work, machine learning models need the data in the right format, however, data quality processes at Hadoop cluster scale are no picnic – and the moment that models gets put into practice, the data will be out of date. So, the organisation will need a way to keep the cluster in sync with transactional source systems in real-time – which shouldn’t be too hard, right?

As a result, Master Data Management’s partner, Syncsort will be hosting a webinar on ‘Real-Time CDC and Data Quality at Scale Washes Out Money Laundering’. This webinar will take place on Thursday, the 19th of July at 5pm South African time.

Some of the key points Syncsort will discuss in this webinar are:

  • Simply getting datasets ready to analyse
  • The need to track data back to the source, and trust in the algorithm’s conclusions
  • Strict security requirements
  • Resolving fuzzy duplicates
  • The need for real-time change data capture from various sources to Hadoop, Cloud and Kafka

To register for this webinar, click here.