A step-by-step guide on building, managing, and sharing a business glossary

Oct 24th, 2018

Gary Allemann, MD at Master Data Management

Many organisations struggle to begin or improve on their Business Glossary. As a result, Master Data Management partner, Collibra has sponsored a Data Governance Professionals Organisation (DGPO) webinar on a step-by-step programme of building, managing and sharing business glossaries.

The webinar will be taking place on the 7th of November 2018 at 18:00 South African time. Here the main focus will be on techniques for developing valid definitions, considerations when moving from a small number of terms to a large number and establishing communication guidelines necessary for capturing changes to definitions.

Kevin Crog, Data Manager at WRG Insurance, will explain strategies for making a Business Glossary that is shared, regularly used and accurate.

Using examples from the Business Glossary project at WRG Insurance, Kevin will highlight the importance of applying Data Governance principles, the benefits of having an executive sponsor and organisational improvements that come from a Business Glossary. Finally, attendees will learn about important elements of a metadata repository and techniques for arranging terms into a meaningful taxonomy.

This session will show:

  • Initial steps to take in establishing a Business Glossary
  • Ways to communicate the importance of organisations having a Business Glossary
  • Examples of definition templates to use
  • How to address Data Governance concerns for a metadata repository

For more information or to register click here.