How Mars Wrigley achieved sweet success with a value-based approach to data

May 15th, 2020

Gary Allemann, MD at Master Data Management

All too often, correcting flaws in data, referred to as “data quality,” is a disconnected step from the governance decision-making process. This disconnect can have a major effect on the value of a data governance program.

Please join Infogix as we learn about the value-based approach Mars Wrigley used to build and operationalise their global data governance and data quality program. Join us as we discuss the foundational building blocks for ensuring success during the early phases, how to sustain program growth by effectively connecting data to business value, and the necessary ingredients to gain executive support and buy-in for the long-term.

Join Master Data Management for this Infogix webinar. Taking place on Wednesday, the 20th of May 2020. This webinar will address Mars Wigley’s data journey and the quick wins achieved while simultaneously building long-term sustainable program.

Topics will include:

  • Best practices for building global data capabilities in your organization
  • How to link program visibility and success to key business drivers and goals
  • Critical technology solutions and accelerators to increase speed and effectiveness
  • Achieving stakeholder buy-in and how to keep them engaged for the long-term

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