Location Analytics and Data Enrichment in Spectrum Spatial

Dec 14th, 2020

Location intelligence and data enrichment help business leaders to make better decisions – from everything from site selection, to targeted marketing, risk management, routing, resource allocation and network optimisation. Enriching data with contextual information and then analysing that data from a location perspective reveals patterns and relationships not seen in charts and graphs.

Precisely’s rich portfolio of location, business, and consumer datasets provides endless possibilities for enriching existing data for deeper insights. When combined with Spectrum Spatial’s analytics tools, this enriched data can uncover geographic relationships, trends, and patterns, as well as solve complex geospatial problems.

Join Andy d’Andilly, Global Product Manager of Spectrum Spatial and Enterprise Routing at Precisely, in this webinar to learn how Spectrum Spatial can help you to add content to your location data, analyse the enriched data and solve common business problems. As well as learn how to:

  • Enrich locations with contextual data in Spectrum Spatial
  • Analyse enriched data with Spectrum Spatial tools and
  • Solve common business problems with location analytics

Join Precisely partner, Master Data Management for this webinar taking place on Tuesday, the 15th of December 2020 at 16:00 CAT.

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