Bloor Research presents Platinum Mutable Award to MDM Partner – Silwood Technology for Safyr

Apr 15th, 2021

Master Data Management partner, Silwood Technology, has been honoured with a Platinum Mutable Award by Bloor Research for its one-of-a-kind software, Safyr.

The Mutable Awards recognises IT vendors whose core focus lies in support companies in transforming the business and operations through their products and solutions.

This award recognised Safyr for its unique ability to support enterprises who need to optimise the use of their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) metadata.

Off-the-shelf ERP applications may have very large, complex data models, often with meaningless table or column names. Safyr reduces the time, cost and resources needed for ERP metadata discovery by as much as 90%, accelerating data preparation and analysis phases in data migrations, business intelligence and master data management projects that depend on CRM or ERP data. Another common use case to trace personal data within the complex CRM and ERP data models, for GDPR or PoPIA compliance.

Bloor Research considers Safyr a must-have choice for companies that need to understand their ERP/CRM requirements stating: “We don’t often make statements like the following but if you need to understand your ERP/CRM environment you should license Safyr. No ifs, no buts: it’s the only sensible choice.”

Roland Bullivant, Silwood Technology’s Sales and Marketing Director said: “Safyr ingests both off the shelf and custom attributes from your ERP or CRM system, including their business friendly names. You can then use Safyr to find and subset the critical metadata you need before provisioning it into an enterprise data catalog and other tools and keep it updated as required. This gives our customers the business context for their ERP or CRM data”

For Master Data Management (MDM), Silwood Technology’s South African partner, the award vindicates the decision to invest in the partnership.

As such, Gary Allemann, Managing Director at MDM commented on the achievement stating, “Safyr takes a complex problem – finding and understanding critical data in off-the-shelf ERP or CRM systems – and makes it easy, even for business users. Safyr’s value proposition is unique and complements investments in data catalogues by making it easy to ingest ERP metadata for governance, for compliance and for analytics.”

To download a copy of the InBrief report: Click here.