Master Data Management to present at Airside LIVE 2022 event – delivers insights on how to build the ‘Trust Data Revolution’

May 9th, 2022

Gary Allemann – MD at Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM) are pleased to announce that its Managing Director, Gary Allemann, will be joining data leaders from around the world to present at Airside LIVE 2022, a data focused event, to be held on 25 and 26 May. Allemann will share a real-world case study of the challenges experienced by a global financial services organisation as they attempted to modernise their enterprise data warehouse and enable self-service BI while protecting sensitive data.

Airside LIVE is a summit where today’s leaders in the data value chain converge and provide insights into how businesses can navigate their way through an ever-changing data driven landscape where data management, governance, and security requirements are crucial.  The event is geared for leaders and practitioners that will be taken on a ‘dive deep’ into Big Data, Data Security, and Data Governance issues.

“Uninformed design choices can make balancing these requirements extremely difficult,” said Allemann. “Fortunately, modern platforms can make these kinds of projects simple and sustainable. Sharing a success story in the financial services sector will impart lessons learned and how organisations within this vertical can leverage their experience.”

Airside LIVE is the first conference of its kind to bring together three key pillars:

  • DATA MANAGEMENT- data ops, data access management, data observability, data mesh, and more within in cloud, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments.
  • DATA SECURITY – identity access management to data, risk management, data de-identification, third party and supply chain risks with data, and visibility into risky access to applications and data.
  • DATA PRIVACY & DATA GOVERNANCE- Ever-evolving compliance regulations, data governance, and building data privacy as a core feature.

The event will offer both on-premises and live, virtual presentations with the opportunity to ask questions.

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