Load shedding and cable theft is not something new to South Africans, regardless of which province you find yourself in.  Home users are familiar with Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) which are designed to protect electrical equipment such as office PCs, laptops and printers against power surges and unplanned power outages.  UPS was never designed to be a power backup system for electronic and security equipment like home Wi-Fi or fibre modems and camera systems.

The traditional method to supply power backup to this type of equipment is a long-run UPS or a solar system. With both approaches, traditional grid 220VAC or solar panel DC gets converted in order to charge batteries and then back inverted to 220VAC to be used by the equipment’s own AC to DC Power over Ethernet (PoE) power supplies. This means being able to power the equipment for prolonged periods during load shedding, was never the intention of the lower end UPS solutions, rather to safely switch off the electronic devices and save those last files that you were working with.

MiRO offers all the components to provide power to electronic devices to keep you going during load-shedding.  From the Acconet portable PoE mini-UPS,  which is capable of keeping your Wireless CPE powered up through the PoE out port as well as your home Wi-Fi router through the 12V DC output, to the carrier-grade DC Netonix, 24-port, intelligent PoE switch which will keep your mobile and other equipment at major telco sites running during load shedding and other power failures. We use the DC approach, saving energy by using highly efficient DC to DC converters and omitting unnecessary AC to DC and vice versa conversions which can result in power loss.

A typical small scale solar solution ecosystem to power up one or two IP surveillance cameras, the NVR and a home Wi-Fi router would consist of the following components:

  1. A solar panel
  2. A Victron MPPT charge controller
  3. One to two Deltec Lead Acid batteries and
  4. A Netonix switch.

MiRO offers a comprehensive range of solutions that can remedy the frustrations of power outages and load-shedding to keep the small- and home office powered and connected.

Get in touch with a MiRO specialist for advice on a solution that will best fit your requirement.  Alternatively, you can purchase the components of your solar solution directly from our e-commerce site by visiting miro.co.za

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