As work-from-home and remote work continue to increase, cloud- or web-based platforms have played an invaluable role. These platforms include Zoom, MS Teams, Google, Slack, and Blue Jeans, which makes compatibility an essential component in modern work environments. Grandstream’s GUV series means powerful, easy-to-use headsets and webcams compatible with any collaboration platform, computer, and laptop and form the core of an effective work-from-home solution.

Grandstream’s IP VideoTalk service and Wave app mean remote workers simply plug a USB headset and webcam into their laptop and it becomes their desktop phone, web meeting platform, video conferencing solution, and messaging app. Clients, partners, and colleagues can now be present in your office or home boardroom using these familiar video conferencing platforms.

Grandstream’s GVC3220 4K conference camera, available from MiRO, offers seamless performance and is based on Android OS. Any Android app can be used on the system, thus wherever you are is where your boardroom can be. The GVC3220’s powerful features include the ability to host up to five-way 1080p video conferences using its 1080p @30fps wide focal lens with pan, tilt, and zoom. It has wireless screen-sharing capabilities, integrated WiFi, Bluetooth, and more.

This ultra-high-end, 4k high-definition video conferencing system provides an interactive and immersive video conferencing environment to increase collaboration and productivity.  You can bring applications into your boardroom to allow for you to have a work-from-work and work-from-home harmonious system, even without your laptop.  You can have users join a meeting whether remotely or in the office, on the same system. There is no need for multiple devices to join in.

With public gatherings still constrained, this functionality extends into large conferencing rooms, auditoriums, and classrooms. Online meetings can now be joined by thousands of people from a web browser, mobile app, or GVC device.

The GUV series headsets support numerous HD audio codecs and the GUV3100 offers both HD audio with a built-in speaker and 1080p HD video, ensuring the highest quality of communication. The GUV3000 and GUV3005 headsets also feature a noise cancellation microphone that minimizes background noise to provide crisp HD audio and both provide all-day comfort with adjustable headbands and soft ear cushions.

The GUV series headsets are compatible with Grandstream IP phones that have a USB port, which includes most GRP series models, all GXV series IP video phones, all GXP 1700 and GXP2100 series models.

The Grandstream GVC3220 comes equipped with the GMD1208 eight-array, 360-degree desktop wireless microphone to enhance audio quality and provide full room coverage with up to a five-meter pick-up range, integrated Bluetooth for ease of connection, and noise shield technology.

The Android platform is integration-ready for the download and installation of Zoom and MS Teams and MiRO offers a pre-configuration option at a negligible price where we pre-load the device with these apps for you.

Make the most of the new work norm with its hybrid workforce and contact a MiRO representative today! Or visit our website,, and see the power of the GVC3220 for yourself.