Whether working from home or at their office, online meetings have become the go-to option over the last year since the onset of COVID-19.  IT support professionals scrambled to ensure that users can use their built-in microphones and speakers for online meetings and depending on the age of the hardware, resulted in more IT support tickets with users complaining about bad quality.

Without spending tens of thousands of Rands to upgrade end end-user devices for better sound and video quality, IT support agents and managers can make the easy choice by simply adding external devices from a VoIP brand that is renowned for its ease of use, clarity of sound and quality of the video.

Grandstream’s GUV series has a range of products aimed at the Working from Home employed warriors to minimize the number of IT tickets and increase their experience in online meetings.

  1. The Grandstream GUV3100 HD USB camera runs on virtually any laptop, Desktop, or any other device that supports the functionality of a USB camera.  Using it in conjunction with the GUV3005, a binaural HD audio headset with noise noise-canceling microphone and call indicator, that also runs on any laptop, PC, or smart device that supports USB connectivity.
  2. The newly released Grandstream GUV 3050 is an HD Bluetooth binaural professional headset with noise shield technology and crystal crystal-clear voice, making it compatible with any device that supports Bluetooth. Thus, making it perfect for those on-the-go online meetings.

The GUV series devices are versatile, small, and compact enough to carry around in a backpack, laptop bag, or handbag, making your end users mobile.  These add-on devices are a cost-effective solution to ensure that your users are ready for online meetings with HD Voice and video quality.

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