All businesses are adapting to becoming smarter, agile, cost-conscious, and rising to the challenges of the digital economy, the fourth the industrial revolution and remote working. They know they need to adjust operational costs without sacrificing quality and service in order to be among the businesses that will both survive and flourish in this new Covid-19 world.

As the workplace continues to evolve, the surge in demand for connectivity has put real pressure on ISPs and WISPs to maintain excellence within their subscriber bases and be able to rapidly onboard new subscribers daily. Customer service is king in this new economic normal and a key competitive differentiator.

Splynx, available from MiRO, makes great customer service possible and offers a wealth of tools to make ISP businesses more efficient, cost-effective, and ahead of the pack.

Splynx’s multi-dimensional software solution automates the business so that more can be done by smaller, effective teams. Its multiple network management tools are already integrated, with such automated work savers as the blocking of non-payers, radius servers, bandwidth management, hotspot prepaid management, IP Address Management (IPAM) and intensive network monitoring. Another major benefit of the Splynx software is that inventory and reseller management can be automated.

Its customer relationship management (CRM) feature is connected to a ticketing and scheduling system that allows for the scheduling and tracking of tasks, sales, and support queries.

With Splynx, you will never lose track of leads and people interested in your products and services. The Splynx CRM system means ISPs can streamline the process of lead management by using its self-registration widget that can be easily embedded into the ISP’s website so that clients can apply for services for themselves. The Sign Up widget is fully customisable and can be configured in just a few clicks, without the need for coding.

Once clients confirm that they wish to use your services, they need to be connected. Splynx allows you to schedule a task directly on a lead’s CRM profile and if you use ticket communication with your clients, this will be linked to both a lead and converted client profile.

Splynx can be synchronised with Google Calendar, so that all scheduled tasks are immediately visible for your installer. Its mobile scheduling application provides easy access to all assigned tasks and their management. This mobile app includes the calendar and enables installers to use maps to see task locations and quickly build the right routes. The application is supported to work in offline mode, to be always on track.

The Splynx CRM system also allows you to streamline support. It enables clients to log onto their own dedicated portal where they can track and view payments, check data usage and log support calls without having to call service and support staff.

If you are a small- or medium-sized internet provider, Splynx’s billing and network management software is perfect for you. Contact MiRO and discuss how a Splynx solution can make your customer service a cut above the rest. You can also visit, for 24/7 access to a world of information that will help you to expand critical services to businesses and remote workers.

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