Many factors can slow down your Wi-Fi networks, such as radio frequency interference, security incompatibility, overloading, and physical obstacles.

Enter Tenda Technology and its suite of world-class products, designed to give you the best-performing Wi-Fi connections that are always on, accessible, and with the best reach.

Founded in 1999, Tenda Technology is recognized as the leading supplier of networking devices and equipment. Tenda is an innovative company, committed to delivering easy-to-install and affordable networking solutions and cutting-edge products. It is also agile, quickly adapting to the continuous change happening in the industry. Its fast, secure, and intelligent network systems work optimally anywhere, anytime.

Tenda products and solutions, available from MiRO, are easy to install and use, competitively priced, and made of only top-quality materials. These products come with a three-year warranty, underlining the confidence Tenda has when it comes to the reliability and functionality of its products.

Its mesh products are next-generation WiFi coverage solutions and no matter the structure, a set of Tenda’s Nova units in your building means there is no hiding place for dead spots. You can enjoy a fast and consistent Wi-Fi experience simply anywhere in the building.

Add to this Tenda’s Wi-Fi app, which allows you to upgrade firmware, manage your network and devices remotely and realize a real-time understanding of router usage. The ability to manage your Wi-Fi units with the Tenda Wi-Fi app means making life simple and easy.

Both Tenda and MiRO are just a call away for pre-sales advice or technical support. You can also log onto and browse at your leisure, log a call or ask any questions. If you are near a MiRO branch, we welcome visitors and would love the opportunity to demonstrate the Tenda Technology offering to you.