The new Mimosa Management Platform (MMP) for on-premise and private cloud deployments is here! Available from MiRO, Mimosa by Airspan’s MMP is an advanced standalone network management software platform for Mimosa fixed wireless devices.

MMP dramatically expands on Mimosa by Airspan’s network and device management capabilities, available today in the traditional Mimosa Cloud monitoring-only solution. MMP, for the first time, gives ISPs and enterprises deploying Mimosa equipment the capability to scale and deploy dedicated management resources for on-premise private networks or on a private cloud.

MMP reduces the total cost of ownership involved with deployment, truck-rolls, customer support by streamlining zero-touch installation, device lifecycle management, ongoing device management, and analytics-driven proactive network and subscriber notifications. MMP also puts you in control of the costs associated with scaling and managing your network resources.

Affordability and high-reliability of management, as well as the ability to add new management capabilities, are critical to deploying and operating Mimosa products. Migrating to MMP ensures dedicated management resources for a network operator, independent from other users in the shared Mimosa Cloud service. Scaling and redundancy are tailored to each operator’s needs.

MMP can be installed on a local Linux server via Docker or on any virtual cloud. MMP is a great solution for smaller WISPs with basic free management capabilities for up to 5,000 devices, as well as large-scale carrier-grade point-to-point (PtP) and point-to-multipoint (PtMP) networks. It has local cluster scalability with zero-downtime server redundancy.

MMP introduces new advanced network management features, including bulk provisioning, device lifecycle management, optional Northbound APIs, rich spectrum analysis tools, and zero-touch provisioning capabilities to streamline device installation.

If you are ready to transition your cloud devices to your private MMP scenario, contact MiRO to discuss the next step. We are just a phone call away!